Environmental Benefits

California imports 69% of the oil it consumes. It arrives in oil tanker ships from Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Columbia, Iraq, Kuwait, and other foreign nations that emit hundreds of thousands of tons of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Locally produced oil directly offsets those emissions and reduces the demands on L.A. County’s port system. Furthermore, overseas oil production is not conducted to the rigorous environmental standards mandated by law in California, or present in the Community Standards District, which is the most restrictive regulatory structure in California.

  • All oil produced at the Inglewood Oil Field is refined in Southern California.

  • Our locally produced oil directly offsets toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gases from oil tankers that would otherwise use the Port of Los Angeles – the largest source of toxic emissions in the L.A. Basin.

  • All Inglewood Oil Field production facilities are electrified reducing pollutants equivalent to that emitted by the cars and trucks traveling La Cienega Boulevard and La Brea Avenue every day.

  • Inglewood Oilfield Operations financially assist in creating publicly accessible open space like the Culver City Dog Park.

Mitigation of Sight, Sound, Smell and Safety Concerns

The 2008 Environmental Impact Report (EIR) covering the Inglewood Oil Field was the first ever comprehensive environmental analysis of an established oil field within the County of Los Angeles and the first ever used for the establishment of a Community Standards District (CSD).

Many environmental benefits are mandated by the Community Standards District which include:

  • Landscaping Plan. The plan was implemented and is intended to create a visual screening along the outer boundary of the CSD and along public streets that run through the oil field. Primary planting and irrigation systems were completed in 2018 and these areas are being maintained and continually sustained.

  • Air Monitoring Plan. Automatic alarms have been installed to detect if emissions exceed CSD thresholds. A meteorological station was installed and is maintained and calibrated regularly.

  • Drilling Set Backs. Prohibits oil drilling within 400 feet of nearby residences.

  • Quiet Mode Plan. Identifies methods to prevent, reduce, or mitigate the noise generated by nighttime activities.

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