Economic Benefits

Our California business is to search for and produce oil and natural gas which is then used entirely in California. We are a local, real world example of reducing our dependence on imported oil and associated greenhouse gas and toxic emissions.

California imports 65% of the oil it consumes. It arrives in oil tanker ships from Alaska, the Middle East, Venezuela and other foreign nations that emit hundreds of thousands of tons of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Locally produced oil directly offsets those emissions and reduces the demands on L.A. County’s port system.

  • We are one of the area’s largest members of the local business community and one of the largest taxpayers in the region. Currently more than 100 people are directly employed by our operations in the region.
  • Los Angeles Basin Operations generated more than $12 million in taxes to Los Angeles County in 2015.
  • Tens of millions of dollars annually are generated in royalty revenue from the oil field’s operation. Much of this money stayed local as many of the royalty owners work and live in the communities surrounding the oil field.
  • In all, more than 13,000 individuals hold royalty interests connected to L.A. Basin operations in the region.
  • 426 well workovers (including reworking of wells) were performed in 2015.

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