Notice anything new around the oil field in recent years?  Since 2009 the Inglewood Oil Field has been undergoing a landscaping transformation as bushes, trees, and other attractive vegetation are being planted around our perimeter. This transformation began under the site’s previous owner-operator PXP and carries on today. Sentinel Peak Resources sees, too, that beautification of the site enhances the entire community. Since taking over operations at the Inglewood Oil Field in December 2016, we have committed to completing the seven-phase landscaping effort.

Landscaping improvements at the Inglewood Oil Field began with a major visual enhancement at the intersection of Stocker Street and Fairfax Avenue. Utilizing California-Friendly planting along public thoroughfares like La Cienega Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue and other streets, we are actively making strides to improve the appearance of those corridors for the benefit of the public


Sentinel Peak Resources believes that part of being a good neighbor involves contributing to our community. That’s why our company regularly contributes to charitable organizations in the communities surrounding our operations.

2017 Donation Recipients Surrounding the Inglewood Oil Field Include:

  • Culver City Centennial (;
  • LACPCA (L.A. County Police Canine Association);
  • Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Marina Del Rey Youth Activities League;
  • Black Arts Los Angeles;
  • and many more.

If your organization would like to be considered to receive such a donation, please reach out to Amanda Parsons at


The Inglewood Oil Field consists of approximately 880 acres of land predominantly in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. Throughout its history, the oil field’s different operators have made generous contributions to enhance public value and improve access for surrounding communities.

Previous public access contributions have included:

  • Right-of-way to complete the Park to Playa Trail
  • The Boneyard Dog Park in Culver City;
  • The Culver City Park Batting Cages;
  • The Inglewood Sports Complex;
  • And College Boulevard, connecting West Los Angeles College to Jefferson Blvd.

Since taking over Inglewood Oil Field operations in late 2016, Sentinel Peak Resources has continued this trend by agreeing to allow public access to a portion of our property in order to create the Park to Playa Walk. This walking trail will connect James Hahn Park to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook with an approximately half-mile path on Inglewood Oil Field property. County Supervisors hope to one day extend the trail all the way to the Pacific Ocean


Sentinel Peak Resources partners with the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) to sponsor the Energy Academy Internship Program. This program reaches Southern California students from inner-city school districts who wish to explore career paths of a technical nature, and exposes them to careers in the energy industry. This paid internship program promotes science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) education through hands-on work experience, urban production site tours and traditional classroom education – providing opportunities for career building in the well-paying oil and gas industry. Sentinel Peak Resources invites students in the program to tour the Inglewood Oil Field, speak to oil field workers about the drilling and oil production processes, and hosts two interns from the program in our Bakersfield offices during the summer months.


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