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Eastside of Las Cienega South Towards Stocker Street

During Construction: La Cienega Looking South Towards Stocker Street.

Eastside of Las Cienega South Towards Stocker Street

History of Inglewood Oil Field

The Inglewood Oil Field has played a major role in the history of Los Angeles. Since the discovery of precious oil and natural gas resources in 1924 the field has helped fuel our lifestyle and strengthened our local economy. Over the field’s history 1,600 wells have been drilled within the historical boundaries of the field. Today, the oil field’s boundary covers approximately 1,000 acres making it one of the largest contiguous urban oil fields in the United States.

Oilmen first began drilling in the Baldwin Hills region of the Inglewood Oil Field in September, 1916. The field was first commercially produced by Standard …

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Future of Inglewood Oil Field

California imports 65% of the oil it consumes. Our California business is to search for and produce oil and natural gas which is then used entirely in California. We are a local, real world example of reducing our dependence on imported oil and associated greenhouse gas and toxic emissions.

As a result of the passage of the Community Standards District (CSD), the Inglewood Oil Field is the most regulated oil field in the state of California, and is governed by one of the most comprehensive Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) ever conducted for an oil field project.

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